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#IAMINBERLIN: Ivović for WoV – “Resovia’s fans are the best in the world”

by WoV

Marko Ivović was the man who scored the last point in the semifinal clash against Skra. After his strong spike, fans went crazy.

Marko Ivović

It is a great feeling to play in semifinals and even it’s better when you advance to the final. I don’t know what to say more.”

Tomorrow’s rival is Zenit. Your expectations?

“Everyone knows who is Zenit. They have a good squad but as every team have weaknesses and strengths, they have too. We have to take every chance if we want to beat them. Also, Resovia needs to make less number of mistakes. Today, we made them a lot

The fans of Resovia went wild when you score the last point. How do you see their role in this success?

They are the best fans in the world for me. When I say that, I really mean that. Not because I’m playing here. They are fantastic” says Ivović for WoV. Check Marko’s stats in this season!

And yes, they were really fantastic.

Read what Shoji Brothers said about Leon.


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