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#IAMINBERLIN: Zenit is the champion of Europe!

by WoV

Zenit has won the CEV Champions League 2014/15! In the big final, Kazan squad has outplayed Asseco Resovia by 3-0 and seized the third European crown in club's history!

Zenit was simply perfect in the most important game of the season. Wilfredo Leon was unstoppable in attack, he had a big help from Maxim Mikhailov, while Saeid Marouf entered the game in the second set and made brought magic in the game of Kazan side. At the end, the last point was won by Matt Anderson, who played the last game for Zenit in this season! What a way to say goodbye!


Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
  29. 03. 2015 14:45 Zenit Kazan vs Asseco Resovia Rzeszów 3:0 25:22, 25:23, 25:21   
Zenit vs. Resovia

Zenit vs. Resovia



24:20, Andreson scores, four match points for Russian giants

21:19, When Mikhailov gets the second chance…

20:19, Two points of Polish team, Resovia is back

20:17, Leon’s brutal spike!

19:16, Risky service hits the net

18:16, Anderson mistake give some hopes to the Polish team

18:15, Leon gives Zenit three points of lead. TO Resovia

17:15, Apalikov uses Marouf’s fast ball

16:15, Out of bounds, Mikhailov’s error

16:14, Zenit again has lead at the second TTO

13:13, All tied again

12:13, Risky pass, Nowakowski somehow scores

12:12, Mikhailov stops Buszek

11:12, When Leon serves, Resovia has a lot of problems. TIme out by Kowal

8:12, Nowakowski scores an easy point

7:11, Service mistake by Apalikov

6:10, Anderson hits the block, point for Resovia

6:9, Good serve by Anderson, but then hits the net

5:8, Service error

4:8, Four points of advantage for Polish team

4:7, Amazing set by Marouf again, Mikhailov takes point

3:7, Schops again

3:6, Good set by Iranian player

2:6, Resovia plays much better in the third set! Alekno sends Marouf on the court again

2:5, Leon makes mistakes from serve line

1:4, Anderson wins first point for Zenit

0:4, Huge lead by Resovia, mistake by Mikhailov

0:3, Ace by Schops!

0:1, Schops opens set with strong spike



25:23, Lotman got blocked, Zenit has 2:0 lead

24:23, Resovia saves the first set point

23:22, Nowakowski keeps REsovia’s hopes

23:21, Mikhailov!

22:21, Resovia doesn’t want to give up

22:20, Excellent set for Anderson by Marouf

21:20, Then mistake by Cuban star

21:19, ACE – Leon

20:19, The replacement gives Zenit new lead

19:19, Marouf enters the game and replaces Kobzar

19:17 Kazan is still controlling the match. Resovia fans push their team, they are really loud

17:16, Drzyzga’s ACE

17:14, Good block by Zenit!

15:14, Kobzar makes huge mistake

15:13, Schops takes the point

15:12, Holmes stops Leon. It was amazing block

15:11, Strong service by Mikhailov, ball goes wide

14:9, Buszek makes error, he had good opportunity to score

13:9, Strong spike by Schops

13:8, After time out, Polish team somehow stops Leon’s bombs

13:7, When Leon gets the ball over the net, it is so hard to receive it! Two aces in a row 

10:7, Zenit increases the lead, but makes error afterwards

9:5, Leon is killing Resovia’s defense

8:5, Drzyzga makes serve mistake

7:5, Schops scores 

7:4, Ivovic tried to surprise the rival, he didn’t manage

6:4, Penchev’s good spike

6:3, Zenit is really playing well

5:3, An ace by Mikhailov

4:3, Yenit wants to take the controll of the match

2:2, Service mistake by Schops

2:1, Good block by Nowakowski

1:1, Quick answer from Polish fans

1:0, Aschev scores first point



25:22, Ivović mistake gives Zenit 1:0 lead

24:21, ACE – Mikhailov

23:21, Leon is unstoppable

22:20, Leon again destroy’s the floor

21:20, But Leon destroy’s the floor with pipe. Poletaev enters to serve

20:20, Leon makes mistake again, from the serve line

19:19, Zenit took the lead, but Resovia managed to tie after well organized attack

18:18, ACE, Kobzar

17:18, Ivovic got blocked by Aschev

16:18, Aschev takes the chance to score from the first tempo

15:18, Schops scores the point

15:17, Zenit is chasing the rival’s lead

13:16, ACE. Resovia has three points of lead

13:15 Nowakowski destroys the flor. Anderson replaces Sivozhelez

13:14, Sivozhelez spikes, but ball goes out of bounds. TO Alekno

13:13, Resovia ties the score!

13:11, Mikhailov risks, makes serve error

12:10, Superb action by Resovia, Penchev’s pipe destroys Zenit’s defense

11:8, Leon hits the net

10:8, Kobzar sends ball out. It was interesting idea of Alekno, Kobzar first setter instead of Marouf

9:7, Mistake by Zenit’s defense

9:6, Holmes answers with the first tempo

9:5, Apalikov surprises defense of Resovia

8:5, Mihailov strong spike for the lead at the first TTO

6:5, Leon again, but now manages to score

5:5, Leon spikes, ball goes wide

2:3, Ivović again

2:2, Mistake from the service line

1:2, Ivović makes turnaround

1:0, Leon opens the match with an ace 



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David March 29, 2015 - 6:26 pm

Resovia gave up this match. The result might have been different if they might just believed in their skills. Congratulations to Kazan!

BlueRedWhite March 29, 2015 - 7:02 pm

David that’s the difference between big teams and developing teams like Resovia, it was Zenit’s fifth consecutive final four appearance.if Zenit and Resovia plays 10 times again , zenit will win 9 out of 10

R. March 30, 2015 - 3:03 pm

@BlueRedWhite, where were other big teams? who could beat zenit if not team which qualified to final four? it seems there is zenit and so far finally other teams. and in my opinion the only team who could fight at equal level with this zenit is skra but at good form


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