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Volleyball League’s charitable auction for Genoa

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source: legavolley.it author: Mirko Gatti

Shirts of players of last fridays All Star Memorial Volleyball game are sold online, for humanitarian purposes.


All shirts were sold online

Shirts of volleyball players who participated in last fridays Memorial Volleyball All Star Marcello Gabana game were sold online in daily auctions.

Profits will be donated to the city of Genoa.

Genova is severly damaged by heavy floods in recent weeks.

Shirts are sold online, in a auction, where everyone could participate.


Some of the shirts were from stars like Matey Kaziyski, Ivan Zaytsev, Mauro Berruto and others.


10th day of Serie A2 Sustenium, Schedule

NGM Mobile Santa CroceSidigas Atripalda
Carige GenovaGlobo Banca Popolare del Frusinate Sora
CheBanca! MilanoEnergy Resources Carilo Loreto
Caffè Aiello CoriglianoVolley Segrate 1978
Cicchetti IserniaPallavolo Molfetta
Cassa Rurale CantùGherardi SVI Città Di Castello
Sir Safety PerugiaClub Italia Roma
BCC-NEP Castellana GrotteEdilesse Conad Reggio Emilia

A2 Sustenium standings

Volley Segrate 1978 24, BCC-NEP Castellana Grotte 20, Pallavolo Molfetta 19, Globo Banca Pop. Frusinate Sora 19, Sir Safety Perugia 17, Energy Resources Carilo Loreto 16, Gherardi SVI Città Di Castello 16, Carige Genova 16, NGM Mobile S.Croce 14, CheBanca! Milano 13, Club Italia Roma 12, Caffè Aiello Corigliano 11, Cicchetti Isernia 6, Cassa Rurale Cantù 6, Edilesse Conad Reggio Emilia 5, Sidigas Atripalda 2.

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