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ITA A1: Casa Modena-Sisley Belluno 1-3

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The 102nd Italian Derby went to Sisley which managed to extend its positive streak in front of 3000 Modena fans. As for the hosts, this adds up to the bad moment despite a good start to the game. Mvp: Giorgio De Togni (middle blocker Sisley)

Casa Modena-Sisley Belluno

Casa Modena-Sisley Belluno

CASA MODENA – SISLEY BELLUNO 1-3 (25-20, 20-25, 21-25, 18-25)

CASA MODENA: Manià (L), Sala 7, Dennis 17, Carletti, Kooy 1, Bellei 4, Esko 3, Martino 7, Casoli 2, Anderson 14, Piscopo 8. DNP Catellani, Bossi. Coach. Bagnoli. 

SISLEY BELLUNO: Abdelaziz, Fei 12, Horstink 15, Dolfo, Farina (L), Kohut 14, De Togni 12, Suxho 6, Antonov 2, Ogurcak 8. DNP Szabò, Curti, Sorato. Coach. Piazza. 

Daniele Bagnoli (coach Casa Modena): “This is a very difficult moment. We have to find the strength to find a way out: both technically and psychologically. As for the game, for good spells we played good volleyball, maybe even better than them, but in other moments we struggled, we conceded many blocks and we failed to handle the attack”. 

Roberto Piazza (coach Sisley Belluno): “We got off to a horrible start in the first set, then we got back on track bit by bit. We did a good job of finding the inspiration to seal it in our favour at the end of sets. I think the difference was made in the block-dig area”.

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