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ITA M: Unstoppable Bottolo gives Padova an important victory at the Arena di Monza

by WoV

Massimo Eccheli’s team returned to the Monza Arena where they faced Kioene Padova for the midweek match of the eighth round of the regular season of the SuperLega Credem Banca 2021-2022. Monza had gained back their confidence after suffering two straight defeats against Lube and Trento, last weekend they took home valuable points after their thrilling 2-3 victory against Cisterna Latina last weekend, where they saved two match points on the tie-break.

Photo: Padova FB

However on the other side of the net today Kioene Padova showed an unbelievable level and proved that they are a tough opponent to face. Cuttini’s team, currently sixth in the standings- Before this match they had  4 wins and only 2 defeats, they have had in fact a very positive season so far beating Piacenza and Trento 3-2. To stop Volpato and his teammates for now were Taranto, 3-0, and Civitanova, 3-0. Today’s new victim was Monza 2-3.

Bottolo and Weber on fire: the italian youngster MVP of the match scored 23 points while the German opposite was the top scorer of the evening with 27 points. Fourth tie break won out of 4 by Cuttini’s boys, that with today’s victory they continue with their excellent form. On Monza’s side top scorers were Dzavoronok with 21 points and Grozer with 22, but today it wasn’t enough and after more than two hours of play the away team took home a fantastic victory.

Monza – Padova 2-3 (23-25, 25-14, 17-25, 25-22, 12-15)

Setters: Santiago Orduna (1), Tomasz Calligaro
Middle-Blockers: Aleks Grozdanov (3), Gianluca Galassi (7), Thomas Beretta (3), Gianluca Rossi
Spikers: Denis Karyagin , Donovan Dzavoronok (21), Alessandro Galliani, Georg Grozer (22), Tomislav Mitrasinovic, Vlad Davyskiba (9)
Libero: Filippo Federici, Marco Gaggini
Coach: Massimo Eccheli


Setters: Jan Zimmermann (4), Francesco Zoppellari
Middle-Blockers: Marco Vitelli (3), Marco Volpato, Andrea Canella (7), Federico Crosato

Spikers: Eric Loeppky (6), Andrea Schiro, Mattia Bottolo (23) (MVP OF THE MATCH), Linus Weber (27), Georgi Petrov (4), Tommaso Guzzo

Libero: Nicolo Bassanello, Mattia Gottardo
Coach: Jacopo Cuttini


AUTHOR: Lucia M. Lecouna

Sports Data Scout and Journalist
A former student of Communication and Media at the IULM University, sports journalist that focuses on Football, Volleyball and Basketball. 

Contact mail: lulile(at)gmail.com

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