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LIVE from Sofia: Zaytsev brings bronze to Italy!

by WoV

Both national teams, Italy and Bulgaria, wanted to play in the finals of Eurovolley, but they didn't manage to achieve this goal and had to satisfy with the bronze medal match. Italians recovered faster from last night’s defeat in the semifinals and saddened crowd in Sofia’s “Armeec Arena” 3-1 (25-20, 25-14, 23-25, 25-20). Ivan Zaytsev carried the play of Italy with 22 points. Nikolay Uchikov was the best scorer of Bulgaria with 12.



20:25 – THE END! Italy get the bronze!

20:23 – Mistake by Blengini’s side. Nikolov is back after long time

19:23 – Zaytsev keeps Italy ahead by 4

18:22 – Juantorena separates two sides with another spike

18:21 – Buti wins 21st point for Italy

17:20 – Ivan Zaytsev, perfect block

17:19 – Juantorena manages to end Bulgaria’s scoring run

17:18 – ANOTHER ACE! Crowd go loud!

16:18 – ACE by Yosifov! Time out Blengini

15:18 – Bulgaria decrease the result

13:17 – Zaytsev commits error from the service line

12:16 – Italians have huge advantage at the second TTO

12:14 – What a short serve by Zaytsev, Yosifov tries to score afterwards but point goes to Italy

12:13 – Italy take the lead after using counter attack

12:11 – Gradinarov with a good solution in attack

11:11 – Todorov’s poor service 

10:10 – Aleksiev has chance to score from counter attack but he misses

9:9 – Giannelli’s amazing dump move

7:8 – Again Uchikov! Who else would have done that?

7:7 – Mistake by Gradinarov, Italy tie

4:6 – Great block by Yosifov! Time out by Blengini

4:5 – Bulgaria lead!

2:3 – Juantorena scores

2:2 – Bulgaria quickly answer

0:2 – Two straight points of Italy



25:23 – UCHIKOV! The man who keeps Bulgarian in the game. Konstantinov’s side decreases result to 2:1

24:23 – Zaytsev again! Bulgaria have one more chance. But, after time out

24:22 – Zaytsev saves the first one

24:21 – Bulgaria have three set points!

23:21 – Juantorena keeps hopes of Italy

23:20 – Uchikov leads Bulgaria in these moments

22:19 – Lanza makes mistake from the service line

* Penchev is not seriously injured, according to a member of Bulgarian staff

20:18 – With two consecutive points Italy are back! Time out Konstantinov

19:14 – Bulgaria increase the advantage tanks to the good spike of Aleksiev

18:15 – Uchikov scores and keeps Bulgaria ahead

16:13 – What a block by Bulgarians on Ivan Zaytsev!

14:12 – Another ACE by Uchikov. Time out Blengini

13:12 – ACE! Uchikov

12:12 – Lanza’s mistake from the service line gives Bulgaria a point

11:11 – Stunning action by Bulgaria. Aleksiev finishes it

10:11 – Italy again take lead

10:9 – Lanzaaa – out! Bulgaria have lead

9:9 – Good strike on the other side

8-9 – But, Juantorena knows how to answer

8:8 – After a short break, Juantroena makes two errors

6:8 – After long rally, Buti uses good set by Giannelli

6:7 – Zaytsev for the lead

6:6 – Gannelli commits another error from the service line

5:5 – Uchikov scores and tricks Juantorena

4:5 – Mistake by Bulgarian side from the service line

1:1 – After leading point of Italy, Aleksiev ties in the THIRD set

* Niki Penchev is still out and it is still unknown whether he will back or not in this game


14:25 – Zaytsev finishes set in style! ACE

14:24 – What a move by SIMONE Giannelli! He spikes the ball

14:23 – Zaytsev with a good decision!

12:20 – Buti scores! It is a huge advantage by ITaly 

12:18 – Time out by Konstantinov again

12:17 – Bulgaria are in huge trouble. Time out Konstantinov

12:16 – Good serve by Italy. Aleksiev couldn’t receive it

11:14 – Gradinarov sends ball wide. Agontsev replaces Bratoev

11:13 – Problem for Bulgaria. Penchev leaves the court. It is some kind of injury



11:12 – Good decision by Bratoev!

10:12 – But, Lube’s player takes revenge and tricks triple block

10:11 – Huge block of Yosifov on Juantorena

8:10 – Giannelli’s dump move unsuccessful

7:9 – What a set by Bratoev! Uchikov hammers ball

5:8 – Italy go the the first TTO with three points of lead

4:7 – ONE ON ONE: Zaytsev blocks Penchev

4:6 – Italy answer on the other side!

4:5 – Uchikov scores

2:4 – Uchikov hits the block, ball is in. Point for Italy

2:3 – What a touch! Lanza tricks Bulgarians

2:2 – Again Italy make error from the service line

1:1 – Buti’s mistake from the service line

0:1 – Zaytsev opens set with a good spike


20:25 – Italy get the lead

19:24 – Juantorena commits mistake from the service line

18:24 – Italy will have six match points

18:23 – Great pipe by Lanza

17:22 – ACE! Giannelli.

17:21 – Giannelli is still serving. Zaytsev scored previously

17:20 – Juantorena blocks Nikolov!

17:19 – Believe it or not, Buti scored a point again! This time, he sets a good block

17:18 – And again Buti

17:17 – Butiii! Strong first tempo

17:16 – Good action and point by Konstantinov’s side

16:15 – ACE! Bulgaria lead again

15:15 – Nikolov ties

14:15 – Stunning dump move by Italian setter Simone Giannelli

14:14 – All even! 

12:14 – Blengini have two points of advantage thanks to the error of Bratoev and Todorov

12:13 – BOOM! Very strong spike by Zaytsev

12:12 – Lanza sends ball out of bounds. But, after video check, referee gives Italy a poin

11:11 – Ivan Zaytsev somehow tricks triple block of Bulgaria to tie the score

10:9 – Bulgaria have the lead for the first time in this match

8:8 – After Yosifov’s spike, Zaytsev commits two mistakes. All tied at Armeets Arena. Time out Blengini

5:8 – Juantorena finds the best solution!

4:7 – Yosifov tries and manages to score!

3:7 – Juantorena with a pipe!

2:6 – ACE! Ivan Zaytsev. Obviously that Bulgaria didn’t recover from the yesterday’s loss… But there is still to be played

2:5 – Nikolov sends ball wide! 

2:4 – Good blocks by Matteo Piano and Simone Giannelli!

2:2 – All even again. Zaytsev!

1:1 – But, Dinamo’s opposite scores first point!

1:0 – First point goes to Bulgaria. Amazing block on Zaytsev

Juantorena will serve first

* Everything is ready for the third place match!


Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
  18. 10. 2015 17:30 local time (16:30 CET) Bulgaria vs Italy 1:3 20:25; 14:25; 25:23; 20:25    


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