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CL M: Referee on controversial point – „Christenson didn’t have first touch!“

by WoV
source: facebook.com/avelino.azevedo; Photo: facebook.com/avelino.azevedo

The Portuguese referee Avelino Azevedo found it necessary to comment on a situation that occurred during the CEV Champions League match, played last night, on November 4. And he is right...



During the clash between Cucine Lube Banca Marche Civitanova and Knack Roeselare, the first referee Azevedo awarded the point to Lube that caused many controversies.

„It seems like one of these strange football comments we know! See the play on my last night’s game of the Champions League and understand how the referees have to make tough decisions in milliseconds. Notice the comments Worldofvolley: ’Is it possible that the referees did not see this?’, ’Christenson passes the ball to himself’, ’funny situation’ after seeing the video as often as wanted. When, at last, what really happened was what I thought at the time of the match and without any video replays: the middle blocker Stanković (7) is giving the first touch of the team with his left hand and not Christenson (11)…“ Azevedo commented on his Facebook profile on the situation that we saw differently.

Azevedo FB

Azevedo FB

On this occasion, we apologize to Mr. Azevedo for the oversight when we published that Micah Christenson touched the ball twice in a row and blaming him for a bad call.


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