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ITA M: Hairstyle changes didn’t help Modena, Trentino took revenge at PalaPanini!

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After beating them in the final of the Italian Cup, Modena didn't manage to defeat Trentino in domestic league!



It was one fantastic game with five sets and away side celebrated the victory 3-2 (20-25, 25-22, 25-17, 19-25, 15-9). Before the match, all players of Modena decided to change the colors of their hair – into yellow! But, it didn’t help. Trentino wanted revenge so bad!

Early in the first set, Modena got the two-point lead and the rival from Trento didn’t manage to tie or to take over the lead until the end of set. At the result 13:10, we saw amazing moves of Bruno who were sending some confusing sets, rival didn’t know where to set up a block. Afterwards, home team even managed to increase the lead (21:16, 24:19). Ngapeth was the man who used the pipe to finish this set for Modena’s 1:0 lead.

In another two sets, we saw an answer of Trentino. In the second set Trentino were leading with 2 or three points all the time and home team didn’t manage to recover.

In the third set, Trentino simply destroyed Modena! Djuric had some amazing moves and in one moment, the team from Trento had 19-11 lead. There was no chance for Modena to make comeback and Stoytchev’s side took the lead 2-1 (25-17).

Modena had to react in the fourth set and they did it! Lorenzetti’s side set up the control at the very beginning of the set and afterwards, tied the score in sets 25-19!

In decisive part of the match, it seemed that Trentino had desire to take the revenge on Modena. Mitar Djuric again had a few incredible moves, including ace to give his team wings and to fly away so high…Modena couldn’t reach them and they had to surrender!

Mitar Djuric was absolute the most dominant player of the game with 28 points. Tine Urnaut contributed with 13, while on the other side Lucca Vettori had 23 points, Earvin Ngapeth 15…

REGULAR SEASON – 37 / – / 17TH ROUND – 33

Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
  09. 02. 2016 20:30 Revivre MILANO vs Ninfa LATINA Top Volley LATINA 3:1 25:18; 27:29; 25:21; 25:22 STAT  
  10. 02. 2016 19:30 Calzedonia VERONA vs Cucine Lube Banca Marche CIVITANOVA 1:3 19:25; 26:28; 25:23; 21:25 STAT  
  10. 02. 2016 20:30 CMC Romagna CMC RAVENNA vs LPR PIACENZA Copra PIACENZA 3:2 17:25; 25:22; 17:25; 25:19; 15:12 STAT  
  10. 02. 2016 20:30 Sir Safety Conad PERUGIA vs Tonazzo PADOVA 3:0 25:22; 25:20; 25:21 STAT  
  10. 02. 2016 20:30 Exprivia MOLFETTA vs Gi Group MONZA Vero Volley MONZA 1:3 21:25; 25:22; 28:30; 21:25 STAT  
  11. 02. 2016 20:30 DHL MODENA Volley vs Diatec TRENTINO 2:3 25:20; 22:25; 17:25; 25:19; 9:15 STAT  

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Karim February 13, 2016 - 9:42 am

It was a great game. Trentino deserve this win. The A1 Italian league still open with Cita .modena trento amazing end league

Luca February 13, 2016 - 11:47 am

For now Modena presented the best play, Trento is a well trained team and Civitanova has a great players. Everything will be possible, even Peruga has some chances


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