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ITA W: Cuello wants to win against Piacenza

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Claudio Cuello, coach of Assicuratrice Milanese Volley Modena wants a win against Rebecchi Nodmeccanica Piacenza. This will be another important match after Giaveno.


Volley Modena – team

After a ‘short week’ comes a new important test after the one in Villa Cortese.
In the match against Piacenza you can better understand the possibilities of yourteam?

The team has grown from game to game. I am glad we won against Giaveno last answer, I think it gave us a huge charge to work this week. I am very focused on the game. Like all derbies there will be an emotional component as it should be.

I think we’re in the same situation: they are missing pieces, but so ware we. We are growing and they are trying to confirm the results. I think it will be a good game. Girls are plaing a game for the names they bear, I’m happy with this. We hope to have the strength to continue to grow, like we have from the beginning of the championship.

It can be said, taht you played at a high level against Giaveno, could this be a standard?

We played at a high level, but it’s not yet a standard. That must be confirmed in time. We need to prove tomorrow and in the later games that we can play like this. Every season has its ups and downs and we are still looking for the standard, we hope that Giaveno was the first in this regard.

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