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Italy: A night as leaders Sir Safety Perugia – Volley Segrates 1978 3:0

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Sir Safety Perugia: The Block Devils eventually won against the Lions of Segrate in a spectacular game between the two teams tied in second place.


Sir Safety Perugia

Thanks to this victory, Perugia moves temporarily top of the league table before Sunday’s game. All sets were hard fought and uncertain but Kovac’s main did better in the clutch time as Tamburo and Tomasetti had superb performances. Segrates remains a top team, unlucky to have lost setter Fabroni through injury in the first set. 

SIR SAFETY PERUGIA – VOLLEY SEGRATE 1978 3-0 (28-26, 25-23, 27-25)

SIR SAFETY PERUGIA: Daldello 1, Tamburo 18, Corsini 5, Tomassetti 13, Vujevic 9, Petric 10, Cesarini (libero), Belcecchi, Bucaioni 2. DNP.: Bartoli, Zamagni, Lattanzi, Fusaro (libero).
Coach. Kovac

VOLLEY SEGRATE 1978: Fabroni 1, Van Den Dries 21, Alletti 6, Braga 5, Botto 12, Baranek 5, Pesaresi (libero), Pinelli, Russo 3, Canzanella 4, Caprotti (libero), Radunovic. DNP.: Preti.
Coach. Ricci

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