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Sykora shares five valuable tips to success as player

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Three-time Olympian and 2008 Olympic silver medalist Stacy Sykora did not want to give up playing. Her career came to a sudden halt when she was involved in a bus accident in April of 2011 where she suffered from a serious brain injury.



It was more than a challenge for her to overcome this hardship, but if you know  Sykora, you know she can do anything.


  1. Pursue Goals – Players always seem to listen to the negatives and the positives get forgotten. People’s opinions don’t mean anything; it’s all about what you think. If you have a goal, go for it.
  2. Watch and Learn – I watched all the best liberos in the world when I was young. I wrote down all the things that they did great and all the things they did bad. I would master their greatness, and what they did bad I would never do. You can’t go wrong with that. You can learn from everyone, even the worst person on the bench.
  3. No Excuses, No Regrets – If you don’t have any excuses, you can go to sleep at night with no regrets as well. 
  4. Why Not You? – Why LeBron James or Michael Jordan? They were kids with dreams once too. Anything is possible. 
  5. Overcome Obstacles – We all have different backgrounds. It goes back to no excuses, no regrets, but if you want it, do whatever it takes to get there. If someone says they didn’t play well because their stomach hurt…well, what if you have that stomach ache when you’re in a gold-medal match? What are you gonna do then? You better learn how to do it. 

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