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Transfer Rumors: Rozalin Penchev in Talks for a Potential Move to Aluron CMC Warta Zawiercie

by WoV

Former Bulgarian national team player Rozalin Penchev is reportedly considering a move to one of the world’s top leagues, the Polish Plusliga, specifically to the team Aluron CMC Warta Zawiercie. This news comes from the Bulgarian news outlet Sportal.bg, following a recent match where Hebar, Penchev’s current team, faced Zawiercie in the CEV Cup.

Rozalin Penchev – Photo source: VC Hebar Pazardzhik/Facebook

Despite Hebar’s 3-2 victory over Zawiercie in the rematch of the 1/16 finals, the team was eliminated from the competition due to a previous 0-3 loss in Poland. Penchev stood out as the top scorer in this crucial match, earning an impressive 24 points. His performance evidently boosted the attention of Zawiercie’s management, who subsequently held talks with Penchev in Pazardzhik, sparking speculation about his potential transfer.

Penchev, experienced player with experience in various international leagues including Poland, Turkey, Italy, Qatar, Argentina, Brazil, Russia, France, the UAE, and Indonesia, is seen as a valuable asset for any team.

Meanwhile, Hebar Pazardzhik, Penchev’s current team, is undergoing a challenging period due to financial issues. The team has already seen the departure of middle blocker Nikolay Karteve to Turkish giants Arkas Izmir. Additionally, three former Italian national players, Giulio Sabi, Michele Baranovich, and Jacopo Masari, have also left the team. This situation has made Penchev’s potential move all the more critical for the future dynamics of the team and the league.

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