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FRA M: Benjamin Toniutti: “Final uncertain”

by WoV
source: lnvstats.com

Sete was eliminated in the semifinals of the championship by Poitiers(2-0). The player of Sete, Benjamin Toniutti, comments on the final between Tours and Poiters.




Benjamin, what do you think about Poitiers?

It is  a very balanced team, concerning the relation among the players. All of them have good physical condition and technique, so they have the elements to take the victory. I refer specifically to Nuno Pinheiro, Jean-Philippe Sol and Nicolas Marechal. The details will determine the winner, because both teams are on the same level.

Who is your favorite for the final?

The outcome is very uncertain. Both teams really have a chance to win the championship. Although, I still bet on 3-2 for Tours.

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