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FRA M: Julien Lavagne: “Big match ahead”

by WoV
source: lnvstats.com

It was a big surprise when Tours was defeated by Nantes-Reze in the semifinal of the French championship. The receiver and the attacker of Nantes, Julien Lavagne, now expects a very tough final between the two great teams of the AM League on Saturday in Coubertin.



Comment on the team of Tours?

Tours has very good qualities. I think it is really the best team in the league. We were able to destabilize them in the second game of the semifinal with 3-2. They are certainly sure of their strength, but they have to be focused on their game against  Poitiers. One thing is certain, Tours is above every other team. They have good players on every position and their service and attack is very stable. David Konecny has been the highlight of the team since the beginning of the playoff.

Can they get this title?

– This final will be a great fight. I think the game will be balanced and will be played to the tiebreak. There is no great difference between these two teams. At this moment I cannot  name the new champion of France.

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