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JPN M: Omrčen with 33 points and 59 spikes!

by WoV

Players from the Balkans have dominated the 2nd round of the Japanese Championship.



The top scorer of the round was Igor Omrčen who made 33 points in a win of his Gosei Trefuerza against Osaka Sakai. It is interesting to mention that Croatian player got 59 times to spike the ball in this match! On the other side, Milan Pepić made 26 points and he is the second best scorer of the weekend.

JT Thunders has easily defeated FC Tokyo mostly thanks to Yu Koshikawa who made 15 and Leandro Vissotto who collected 17 points each, while Suntory Birds also seized the maximum win over JTEKT.

Finally, Panasonic Panthers gave only set to Toray Arrows, and the top scorers in the winning side were Kunihiro Shimitzu and Tatsuya Fukuzawa wih 20 points each. In the losing team, Dejan Bojović made 14 points. 


Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
  22. 11. 2014 15:00 Panasonic Panthers vs Toray Arrows 3:1  25:22, 26:28, 25:19, 25:17    
  22. 11. 2014 15:00 Toyoda Gosei Trefuerza M vs Sakai Blazers 3:2  23:25, 17:25, 32:30, 25:16, 15:13    
  22. 11. 2014 17:00 JT Thunders Hiroshima vs F.C. Tokyo Volleyball Team 3:0  25:21, 25:22, 25:19    
  22. 11. 2014 17:00 Suntory Sunbirds vs JTEKT Stings 3:0 34:32, 25:22, 25:18     


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