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Do you know how many players WoV Poll has from World League Group 3?

by WoV
source: Photo: fivb.org

The voting for the best players of the World League 2015 is in progress!



We have 40 players in race for joining the best squad of the World League 2015. This season we’ve decided to include players from Group 3! So, do you know how many players we’ve included in our poll?

The answer is – TWO! Vojin Ćaćić (Montenegro) and Badawy Mohamed Moneim (Egypt). You surely are asking yoursef „Why these two guys?“

We again have the answer. Vojin Ćaćić was the top scorer of the Group 3 with 126 points! Montenegro reached final four of Group 3 and lost to Egypt in the final! Badawy Mohamed Moneim was the best player of Egypt and second best scorer of Group 3 and that’s the reasons why they deserved to be on the list!

If you want to watch any of the games of the Group 3, visit our WoV Video section! Or simply, visit World League 2015 page and choose the match you want to watch!

Of course, don’t forget to create your World League 2015 Best Team!

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