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BUL M: Kaziyski and Stoychev still work together (PHOTO)

by WoV
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They will not be in the same club in the next season, but Matey Kaziyski and Radostin Stoychev will obviously work together until the last moment.

Kaziyski, Stoychev and Filipova

Kaziyski, Stoychev and Filipova


Matey Kaziyski published a picture on Social Networks on which you can see him in the gym together with his former coach Radostin Stoychev and with Strashimira Filipova, the captain of the Bulgarian women’s national team.

Kaziyski and Stoychev are well-known for their close cooperation. They were together in Dinamo Moscow, Trentino (twice) and HalkBank. However from the next season, they will be separated, as Stoychev will coach Trentino, while Kaziyski will play in Japan fot JTEKT Stings.


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