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WC M: Guess the starting lineups!

by WoV
source: Photo: fivb.org

There is less than a day until the World Cup 2015 officially begins, so let us all try to guess the starting lineups of every team.

Hamamatsu Arena

Hamamatsu Arena

To begin with the reigning World Cup champion – Russia. Our guess is – Mikhailov as opposite, Tetyukhin and Sivozhelez as receivers, Muserskiy and Vlasov as middle blockers, Butko (if he is able to play) as setter and Obmochaev as libero.

Then USA Anderson as opposite, Sander and Russell as receivers, Holt and Lee as middle blockers, Christenson as setter and Eric Shoji as libero.

What about Poland? Our bet is Kurek as opposite, Kubiak and Mika as receivers, Nowakowski and Klos as middle blockers, Drzyzga as setter and Zatorski as libero.

Italy! Perhaps Azzurri will look like this – Zaytsev as opposite, Lanza and Juantorena as receivers, Buti and Anzani as middle blockers, Giannelli as setter and Rosini as libero.

It is time for Argentina Ramos as opposite, Conte and Gauna as receivers, Sole and Crer as middle blockers, De Cecco as setter and Closter as libero.

Australia! Edgar as opposite, Douglas-Powell and Carroll as receivers, Mote and Passier as middle blockers, Peakock as setter and Perry as libero.

It’s Canada’s turn – Schmitt as opposite, Perrin and Van Lankvelt as receivers, Duff and Vigrass as middle blockers, Sanders as setter and Lewis as libero.

Then Iran Mahmoudi as opposite, Ebadipour and Mirzajanpour as receivers, Mousavi and Gholami as middle blockers, Marouf as setter and Marandi as libero.

Now Japan – Shimizu as opposite, Ishikawa and Yanagida as receivers, Yamauchi and Suzuki as middle blockers, Fukatsu as setter and Sakai as libero.

Egypt! Abdelhay as opposite, Mohamad Moneim and Omar Hassan as receivers, Abou and Abdelrehim as middle blockers, Abdallah Bekhit as setter and Moawad as libero.

Let’s go with Venezuela now – Pinerua as opposite, Gonzalez and Barreto as receivers, Marquez and Quijada as middle blockers, Carrasco as setter and Mata as libero.

And finally Tunisia – Garci as opposite, Ben Miladi and Karamosli as receivers, Agrebi and Ben Tara as middle blockers, M’rabet as setter and Karbosli as libero.

What do you think? Leave your starting lineups in comments at our Facebook page.


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