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ECJ M: Teams enjoy visit to rainforest on rest day in Randers

by WoV
source: cev.lu

As they were enjoying a rest day on Monday, the teams assigned to Pool II of the 2012 CEV Junior Volleyball European Champs currently taking place in Randers all joined an excursion to the local rainforest.


Greece – team

Greece was the first team to travel there before a short training session and got to experience the way the Danish climate changes completely into humid and hot conditions in this special, artificial area. The group visited the various sections of the forest (African, Asian and also South American) being surrounded by waterfalls, huge trees and exotic animals walking around, like crocodiles, piranhas and monkeys. The visit to the Asian section included a special temple with some 30 snakes.  

Middle-blocker Dimitros Chatzopoulos enjoyed the visit: “It was fun. I really liked seeing the crocodiles, but the most interesting was the big scorpions. There was an amazing blue one, that I really hope we do not have in Greece,” he says with little anxiety.

It is good to have a day of rest by this time of the tournament. We have two very important matches against Germany and Turkey ahead of us which we shall win”.

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