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IRN M: Kolakovic “Iran could qualify for Olympics semis”

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source: tasnimnews.com; photo: przegladsportowy.pl

Former Serbian coach Igor Kolakovic believes that he can lead the Iranian volleyball team to the semifinals of Olympic Games 2020 Tokyo.

Igor Kolakovic


Igor Kolakovic and Argentinean coach Carlos Javier Weber are the new candidates to take charge of the Iranian volleyball team.

How and why did you get interested in offer?

For years now the Iranian Federation has been raising the level of organization and ambition of their National team and National league. It would be a great honor for me as well as a challenge to work as a head coach of Iran’s National team” said Kolakovic .

What’s the secret behind Iran’s success during the past years?

I think that the quality of the Iran’s National team is very high. Today, the Iran is among the World’s finest, based on both quality and potential. The Iranian league is getting stronger and more interesting every year. There are a lot of foreign players who raise the quality of the league, which allows the Iranian players to develop more quickly and efficiently. An important fact is that Iran is open to foreign players and coaches in both National team and clubs, because the exchange of experience and knowledge are important factors for the development and increased the quality of the Iranian players.”

Is it possible for Iran to book a place in the 2020 Olympic Games semis under guidance of Kolakovic?

I already mentioned that I respect the quality of the Iranian volleyball. Also, I am confident in my work because of my experience and the results which I achieved with the national team of Serbia (12 medals). I think four years will be enough time to get the team on the level which will secure the ambition and the quality necessary to play for the semi-final of the Games in Tokyo in 2020.”

Have you talked to former Iran volleyball coaches Kovac, Cvetkovic or Gajic after receiving an offer from the Iranian federation?

The life and work experiences of Kovac, Cvetkovic and Gajic in Iran was significant. If I am chosen to be the new coach of Iran, I will surely consult them about their observations which could be helpful for a quicker and better understanding of the particularities of work and life in Iran.”

See full interview here.


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