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NEW TROUBLE FOR CUBAN VOLLEYBALL: Two players stay in Slovenia after U23 World Championship

by WoV
source: gazzetta.it

The new problem has hit the Cuban Volleyball.

Heidy Casanova and Liset Herrera

Heidy Casanova and Liset Herrera

After losing so many players who have decided to play for other national teams worldwide, Cuban volleyball is facing similar problems again.

It is not unusual to see Cuban players leaving their national team camps to stay in European countries. There were many cases of that over the past 15-20 years – and now there is a new one.

Two players of Cuba U23 Women’s National Team have stayed in Slovenia at the end of the FIVB World Championship that was held in this country in September.

These two players are Heidy Casanova (18) and Liset Herrera (18). They are among the biggest volleyball talents in the world and, at this point, it seems that they will not ever play for Cuba again.

This is the reason why the Cuba U23 National Team arrived in Vancouver, Canad, to play the Qualifications for the 2018 FIVB World Championship with only 10 players.

It is time for the Cuban Volleyball Federation to figure something out in order to prevent the players from doing what Casanova and Herrera have done…


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0 comment

Revan September 29, 2017 - 2:46 pm

they were gone since the finish of the u23 women world championship, its seems a very resourceful agent convinced them as always to stays inm exchange to their sign and a good amount of money, of course Casanova is a pearl for the future, not sure about his friends who the only explanation i find is the she decide to follow casanova like his companion so the lady dont pass this hard process alone, it will be 2025 or more when they can enter again to Cuba, i dont like his choice she is to young for this, but who knows what they offered to her for make a such descisition.

former_player September 29, 2017 - 3:30 pm

It’s about time that Cuban Volleybal Federation comes to the senses and remove those stupid rules that are causing Cuban players to defect like those two girls or to take another nationality like Juantorena, Leon, Leal.
If they were smart, Cuban national team would be one of the best team in the world and force that Brazil, Russia, USA, Serbia would have to worry about.

Revan September 29, 2017 - 8:21 pm

Re: @former_player
Dude Cuba is working with clubs now to signt their young talents they give 90% of the contract to the player in exchange of 10% when the player come back to Cuba, but some of this girl want money fast, dont care if they are young they wanna make the same amount of money that a pro does and fast and thats not the world works, of course they never will accept back people who abandon the team when they play abroad like casanova or herrera or people that already resign to play with Cuba Nt in exchange of a Pro player life, like did, Leal, leon and Simon, if those players want to comebackj they would have to pay the 10% of their contratc and stop working with their actual volleyball agents and thats is not possible, cause pros like simon, leal or leon have a good and decent life now outside their homeland and will be unfair to take that back just to play for Cuba under their rules, as for the future, we have some talent under the radar, 3 of them will play in the Argentina League and 1 in the Serie A of Italy under for the Bunge Ravenna organization. so thinks are bright for Cuba but some people want everything now and fast like Casanova and dont wait, let see how many she will earn with just 18, she is not Melissa Vargas or Wilfredo leon thats for sure. but anyways good luck to her.

Felipe September 30, 2017 - 11:14 am

Everything is worth to escape from that prison island!

Ernesto October 2, 2017 - 11:36 pm

Those rules that the Cuban government, not the federation keeps the 10% is until one mf up in the ranks of the government decides to make a move and create a situation where the player won’t be able to come back to play for his or her club and being accused of spy or some other stupid charges. That is why these new talent DOES NOT TRUST THE FEDERATION…period……………What has to happened is for that government to step a side….these actions by the Cuban athletes is across the board no just volley….baseball, track and field, boxing, wrestling, judo….you named it.


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