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POL M: Zbigniew Bartman – “Matches with Politechnika WARSZAWSKA are special”

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source: plusliga.pl author: Paulina Preś

Since he left AZS Politechnika WARSZAWSKA passed less than two years. Zbigniew Bartman says that it would be nice to get back to play for the local audience. Read more about latest volleyball news, games reports, and statistics on WorldofVolley.


Zbigniew Bartman

Paulina Pres: Resovia is dropped out of the Champions League and you lose in the Polish Cup. You can no longer afford to slip-up.

Zbigniew Bartman: “We fight for the Polish championship it is the only thing that is left for us. Just for now we will focus for the play-offs. They were left just two more matches and it seems to me that we have change”.

Do you treat matches with the Politechnika in front of the Warsaw audience in a special way?

“For me matches with the Politechnika are specifically because after the meeting I always stay at home (smile). It will be so this time. We get one day for free. This time I’ll spend in my hometown. The meeting here is going to be very cool. I will only add that I really like this hall”.

After your left from the AZS Politechnika WARSZAWSKA the press have written about many controversial circumstances. How was it really?

“I think it does not make sense to reopen old wounds. It was gone and now I want to look in to the future. I do not want to go back to that topic”.

About the future purely hypothetically, if in the Politechnika appears mighty sponsor so that in Warsaw will be possible to build a solid well-organized volleyball club do you want to play in it?

“Any athlete would like be in the high level team in addition to play in his hometown? Maybe is too early to talk about it but in ten years I will be ending my career so I can not imagine living anywhere else than right here in Warsaw. I already have made up the various steps in this direction but I still have to play in other places. I must admit however that it was nice to be able to once again play for the Warsaw audience”.

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