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WC M: Antiga – “Juantorena and Zaytsev are tough to stop…”

by WoV
source: fivb.org; photo: fivb.org

Volleyball fans in Poland are still in shock. Their national team was the only one with maximum score all the way until the last day of the tournament. But then white and reds suffered a defeat which may cost them losing a ticket for the Olympic Games.



Still the head coach Stephane Antiga admitted that Italy was better than Poland in crucial clash.

“It was a very difficult match. We had our chances in the first set and third set. Italy was better than us. This was a tough competition because only two teams can qualify for the Olympics. My team was well prepared, but we blocked badly tonight. They have two good spikers in Juantorena and Zaytsev and they are tough to stop” said Antiga.

Recall that Poland can still finish as the second on the final standings if Argentina beat USA in the last match of the day. 


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Volleyball Fan September 24, 2015 - 4:07 am

Wie schade!! No help from FIVB this time? World League and World Cup without FIVB’s support must be tough for Poland National Volleyball Team!!

enraged September 25, 2015 - 11:55 am

@Volleyball ‘fan’. Mg you’re hopeless. When and how did FIVB help Polish NT? Be reasonable. If you can’t see what they are really doing and whom they’re actually helping, I feel sorry for you. With one you’re right though, it’s tough when you’re the World Champion and it doen’t mean a thing when it comes to Olympics qualification (at least in volleyball), it’s tough when you play a great tournament and you win 10 out of 11 matches and you don’t qualify for the Olympics because suddenly the rules change (mind you: four years ago 3 teams qualified), it’s tough when e.g Brazil don’t partcipate in this hopeless and exhausting tournament, because they are smart enough and don’t want to, and yet in terms of points they magically seem to be ‘bronze medallists’, it’s tough when there’s European Championship coming VERY SOON and even if you win, it will mean absolutey NOTHING when it comes to Olympics qualification and two months later you’ll have to play against THE SAME teams and only ONE of them will qualify. Finally its tough when FIVB wants the Olympics to be the tournament without world class teams from Europe. Still only such shortsighted volleyball ‘fans’ like you can feel satisfied and happy when Polish NT stumble.


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