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WL 2016, LIVE from Krakow: Brazil smash Italy quickly in three sets!

by WoV

The national volleyball team of Brazil have scored the first win at the World League Final Six! They downed Italy in straight sets at tournament’s opening 3-0 (25-18, 25-20, 25-19).

Sergio and Lucarelli

Sergio and Lucarelli

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Top scorers: Lucarelli  14, Wallace  12; Zaytsev 13, Birarelli 9.

25:19 – The end

24:19 – Zaytsev saves the first match point

24:18 – Brazil will have a lot of match balls

23:17 – Brazil is very close to finish the job

21:16 – No solution for Lucarelli 

20:16 – Piano scores 

19:15 – What a serve by Bruno Rezende

16:14 – Wallace with a good spike. Brazil had lead at the second TTO

15:14 – Not good moment for mistake. Giannelli sends ball out of bounds,

13:13 –Wallace  tries to surprise the rival with the short serve but…

13:12 – Saatkamp finds the way

12:12 –Juantorena  ties 

12:11 – Zaytsev keeps Italy still in race

12:10 – Another mistake by the Italians… Blengini calls for time-out

10:10 – Ivan Zaytsev  slams the ball hits Bruno Rezende to tie the score

10:8 – Easy finish by Ricardo Lucarelli 

8:6 – Good feint by Zaytsev 

7:5 – Brazil had three point lead but Mauricio Borges  made mistake from the service line

5:4 – Saatkamp with another first tempo bomb

4:4 – He tried with the same trick. Didn’t work

4:3 – What a serve by Wallace de Souza !

3:3 – Is this a war of the middle blockers! Saatkamp scores

2:3 – Birarelli answers on the other side

2:2 – Volleyball dunk by Mauricio  Souza

1:1 – Then the same player makes the mistake

1:0 –Lucarelli  opens the set with an ace

After ten minutes of pause between second and the third set, the teams are ready to play!



25-20 – Mauricio Borges scores for big lead of Brazil in this game

24:20 – Zaytsev saves first match point!

24:19 – Juantorena hits the Brazilian wall

23:19 – Long range set of Bruno , fantastic point of Mauricio  Souza

22:19 – Wallace pushes Brazil  close to the finish line

21:18 – Good action of Brazil , Mauricio Borges scores

20:18 – Osmany scores finally

20:17 – Great spike by Wallace de Souza  to keep Brazil ahead

19:16 – Italy trailed only by two, but Birarelli  send the ball out of bounds from the service line

18:14 – Juantorena ruins another chance for Italy to decrease the lead. 

17:14 – Now, Bernardo Rezende had to react…

16:11 – Two points in a row for Italy . Good serve by V ettori

16:9 – Italy are a great team but we doubt they can return into this set…

14:8 – Wallace stops Zaytsev …Amazing block. Another time-out of Blengini 

12:8 – Lucarelli scores an ace on the other side

11:8 – Juantorena hits the net

10:8 – Zaytsev  with a brutal spike

10:7 – Vettori keeps Italy in the game

10:6 – The Italian national team is not in the mood today. Blengini asks for one more time out, to try to wake up his players. Otherwise, Brazil will take 3-0 win

8:6 – Bruno Rezende scores an ace! Italy ask for video challenge but the ball hit the line!

5:5 – Birarelli ties

5:4 – What a serve fail by Zaytsev 

4:4 – What a defense of Brazil , counterattack, but Italy’s triple block stops it

2:2 – Someone of the Brazilians has touched the net. All tied

2:1 – Finally there is an answer of Italy 

2:0 – Brazil continue in the same rhythm



25:18 – What a finish by Brazil! Bruno Rezende finds Mauricio  Souza to take the first set!

24:18 – Wooow! Another ace by Lucarelli !

23:18 – Great Serve by Lucarelli !

22:18 – Zaytsev had the opportunity to decrease the result but he sent ball wide

21:18 – Italy is still in the game

21:15 – Lucarelli tricks Juantorena 

20:15 – Ivan Zaytsev keeps hopes of the Italians…

19:14 – Good set by Bruno Rezende and amazing spike by Mauricio Borges!

17:13 – Serve mistake by Wallace 

17:12 – Brazil have a huge lead in the first set

16:12 – BOOM! Wallace sends bomb to the other side to earn the biggest lead of his team so far in this game

15:12 – Mistake by Vettori, Brazil again had big lead

13:11 – Wallace answers on the other side with a strong spike

12:11 – Two amazing moves by Buti! Firstly, he scored first tempo point, then he made a huge block

12:9 – Blengini asks for time-out after Brazil’s three-point lead

10:9 – Birarelli tricks the defense of Brazil

9:7 – Brazil score three points in a row to take the advantage! 

6:7 –Lucarelli !

5:7 – Saatkamp hits the ball, ball goes out of bounds. Italy have two-point lead again

5:5 – All tied. Borgesis preparing to serve

3:4 – Bruno Rezende uses opportunity to smash the ball after poor reception of Italy 

1:3 – Mauricio Borges sends ball wide. Italy have the advantage

0:1 – Juantorena  scores first point!

1st SET!


The game has been started!

17:28 CET – Starting line-ups: Brazil – Rezende, M. Souza, Saatkamp, Wallac, Lucarelli, M. Borges, Sergio; Italy – Vettori, Juantorena, Giannelli, Zaytsev, Buti, Birarelli, Colaci!

17:14 CET – Both teams are on the court, warming up for the game. Here are the official squads for this game:

Brazil : Rezende, Isac, Eder, Wallace, Tiago, William, Sergio, Fonteles, Mauricio Souza, Souza Douglas, Saatkamp, Evandro Guerra, Lucarelli, Mauricio Borges

Italy : Sottile, Vettori, Juantorena Giannelli, Rosinni, Maruotti, Zaytsev, Lanza, Buti, Cester, Colaci, Piano, Birarelli, Antonov!

16:59 CET – Brazil’s warm up, as usually… 

Brazil's warm-up

Brazil’s warm-up

16:21 CET – Lets read the line-ups for todays matches!

16:00 CET – After Serbia’s practice, organizers started preparing the arena for the matches. There will be choreography, as you can see below on the picture.

Volleyball choreography

Volleyball choreography

FINALS 1ST GROUP – 179 / POOL K – 19 / –

Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
1st game 13. 07. 2016 17:30 Brazil vs Italy 3:0 25-18, 25-20, 25-19     
2nd game 14. 07. 2016 17:30 USA vs Italy 0:0      
3rd game 15. 07. 2016 20:30 Brazil vs USA 0:0      

FINALS 1ST GROUP – 179 / POOL J – 21 / –

Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
1st game 13. 07. 2016 20:30 Poland vs France 0:0      
2nd game 14. 07. 2016 20:30 Poland vs Serbia 0:0      
3rd game 15. 07. 2016 17:30 Serbia vs France 0:0      
Tauron Arena

Tauron Arena

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