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POL M: Grzegorz Bociek – to fight above all

by WoV
source: plusliga.pl

Grzegorz Bociek was the MVP in the Wkret-met AZS Czestochowa - Asseco Resovia match. He spoke of the game, of PGE Skra Belchatow and the Plus League. For more latest volleyball news visit worldofvolley.com


Grzegorz Bociek

In every game we have faith, even though we did not go so far. We were motivated in this game, and took some risks.

Kick-off was not beneficial for you, you were down 0:2 in sets, but you didn’t have any doubts.

Three sets are played. We won the third set, it was a great joy to have won anything in the game, and we became really motivated. We tried to win the next, and so we went with the flow. And the explosion of joy after the last ball was probably like we won the gold medal.

Could this be a breakthrough for you?

I hope so. We had a series of defeats, but we managed to play well. We must thank our cheering supporters who believed in us. In the next game we play with Skra and we will fight, because if we won against the Polish champion we can win againt. First we have to fight, and the result is an open question.

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