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POL W: Andrzej Peć: balanced and high level of the game in the I league

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Volleyball SMS PZPS Sosnowiec with seven points (two victorie and five failures) are ranked 9th in the I league ranking. Read more about latest volleyball news, games reports, and statistics on WorldofVolley.


Andrzej Peć

“The level of competition is very high” says coach of SMS PZPS Andrzej Peć. “In several clubs we can see players, which have been performing for the past few years in the top league. For particular reasons they have been looking for work in the I league. Some of them definitely prefer to perform in the lower ranked tournaments than in the ORLEN League“.

According to Andrzej Peć there are several equally good teams in the I league and it is hard to suggest the winner of the final classification. “Naturally Chemik Police is of a strong composition, including former and present polish national team players. However, the team has not yet reached the right rhythm of the game, as fans would like them to” said.

In the seventh phase of the tournament, PSPS Chemik lost with Silesia Volley Mysłowice/Chorzów 2:3. “From the very beginning the results are surprising. Beniaminek of the I league TKS-T Budowlani Budlex Toruń have become the strongest of the top teams. However, in the sixth phase of the event, the team lost in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski. For sure, one of the strongest teams is also Jedynka Aleksandrów Łódzki says Andrzej Peć. Leader who failed only once.

This season, the team of coach Peć has presented themselves positively several times. “The girls had a good match against Stal Mielec, in the last phase and therefore had a chance to face Eliteski AZS UE Kraków. Matches against Chemik and KSZO has not been so good. Now we have a more experienced team than a year ago” finished Andrzej Peć.   

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