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POL M: Yosleder Cala leaves Skra Belchatow

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source: volleycountry.com author: Ola Ostrowska

After a few weeks in Poland, Cala terminated his contract with Skra Belchatow. He was not satisfied with his career in this club. Read latest volleyball news on Worldofvolley.com.


Yosleder Cala

After the departure of Bartosz Kurek, Skra Belchatow had to look for his replacement. Yosleder Cala seemed to be a great resolution of this problem. However, head coach Jacek Nawrocki, decided to put Mariusz Wlazly on the new position (as a receiver) and Cuban player did not have many chances to demonstrate his skills. In those rare moments of the actual game, Cala was disappointing. He could not fill the gap on the wing and his attitude was inappropriate. That’s why Skra agreed to cancel his contract.

Konrad Piechocki said: “What’s good for the team, is the most important thing for us. Cala couldn’t stand his position in the team (not being in basic squad), so he left”

Will Skra Belchatow find a new player good enough to help them during PlusLiga and the Champions League? For now, they are going to Moscow to face Dinamo after winning with them at home 3:1.

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