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Resovia president Górski responding Piazza – “We had same conditions in last 4 seasons in Bełchatów and Łódź”

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source: przegladsportowy.pl; Photo: assecoresovia.pl

The statement of Roberto Piazza, the coach of PGE Skra Bełchatów, on unfair conditions that his team had while playing away against fierce rivals Asseco Resovia Rzeszów last weekend forced the president of Resovia to give his point of view of the whole situation.



Among other things, Piazza said Skra got terms for training a day before the match which are against international volleyball rules and added Resovia did it on purpose in order to disturb his club. Resovia president Bartosz Górski claimed it was not true.

“I admit that Bełchatów trained on Podpromie on Saturday evening, but we had the same conditions for the last four seasons in Bełchatów and Łódź.  After all, everything is documented. Therefore, the decision of our staff is hardly surprising despite the intervention of Bełchatów club which is quite aggressive and not congruent with their standards. Maybe it’s a signal that it is worth considering to set the rules that will avoid such situations in the future. The late hour of training did not prevent rivals from winning. I congratulate them on winning after an interesting and very exciting match,” Resovia head said to Przegląd Sportowy.

Górski addressed to WorldofVolley with a request to publish the timetable of Resovia’s training in Bełchatów in the last four seasons, plus ongoing season, which show they had, more or less, the same conditions as Skra had last weekend in Rzeszów.

Season 13/14

Plus Liga: Match-14:45, Training-19:00; Playoff: Match -14:45, Training-20:00

Season 14/15

Plus Liga: Match-14:45, Training -17:00

Season 15/16

Plus Liga: Match-14:45, Training-19:00

Season 16/17

Plus Liga: Match-14:45, Training-19:00; Playoff: Match-17:30, Training-19:30

Season 17/18

Polish cup: Match-18:00, Training-20:00; Plus Liga: Match-14:45, Training-19:00


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Wusoca February 8, 2018 - 4:40 pm

Piazza is a joke


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