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RUSSIAN VICTORY CUP M: Belogorie and Kuzbass in finals!

by WoV
source: Photo: belogorievolley.ru

Belogorie Belgorod and Kuzbass Kemerovo will play in the Russian Victory Cup finals!



While Kuzbass Kemerovo had only minor problems to overcome Ural Ufa, the other semifinal has been perhaps the most exciting game of the competition so far.

In a totally crazy match Belogorie Belgorod managed to defeat Dinamo Moscow after five sets! Head coach of Belogorie decided to put both Sergey Tetyukhin and Dmitriy Muserskiy in the starting lineup and that decision paid off. His team seized opening two sets and were just a step away from reaching the finals.

But, Dinamo Moscow made this game very interesting. After a very tough battle they won both the third and the fourth set and tied the overall score to 2-2 in sets! Tie-break was about to decide the winner!

Dinamo had the better opening of the fifth set as they went in front at 4:2, but Belogorie completely turned the things around and seized the lead at 6:5. Belgorod giant then even escaped to 9:6, but Moscow side managed to catch up and to reduce the margin to 11:10. They could not go any further…

Danilov scored for 12:10, then Scherbinin made mistake – 13:10, Krasikov made ace for 14:10 and finally Scherbinin got blocked for 15:10! Belogorie took 4 points in a row and closed the match. 


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