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OG W: Sokolova regrets that doubted of a trip on Olympiad

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source: russiavolley.com

Attacker of the Russian national team in volleyball Lyubov Sokolova admitted the agency R-Sport is that now does not understand how could all over again decide to not go on Olympiad, and promised to do everything in power to win in London.



Sokolova did not go with the Russian national team at the world Olympic qualification and did not plan to participate in the Games of 2012, but in the beginning of July has changed the mind. On Saturday, Sergey Ovchinnikov‘s team won in three sets of British at the start of the Olympics.

“Now I certainly do not regret that returned to the team. I regret that at first decided not to go.”

“I can not imagine how would look at the events on television or on the podium. If something did not develop I would be tearing my hair out and I thought that might be there at the moment and help the team. This would be the most terrible. And now I’m here and I know that I will do everything to make the team win, “– said Sokolova.

Volleyball player said that it is now difficult to explain the reasons for initial decision.

“The certain emotions have gushed over me, there was a review of outlooks on life. It’s inexplicable words, so just have to go through. But after a while the head coach Sergey (Ovchinnikov) called me and said,” Well, has changed your mind? “And then I dawned on it. I decided, why not. And he said to come, “– said Sokolova.

“I did not expect that he still calls. But then decided that if I can help, with pleasure to do it,” – added a volleyball player.

According to team leader, while it is still not completely typed in game condition, but it does not prevent in starting games on Olympiad.

“Undoubtedly, I have not typed in the absolute form, of course, it is necessary to wait. And I’m ready to play. But we all decided from the coach,”Sokolova explained that the match with the Briton did not come out in the basic structure.

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