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RUS W: Petrova top scorer of Round 13; Sakhalin have the best blockers

by WoV

Leningradka suffered defeat from the last-ranked team in the Russian league, Dinamo Krasnodar but they have two best scorers of the 13th round.

Ekaterina Petrova


During the match in which Dinamo Krasnodar scored their first win in 2017/2018 season, three players from both teams scored over 20 points.

Ekaterina Petrova and Ekaterina Polyakova from Leningradka scored 29 and 23 points which brought them to the first two positions as the best scorers of the round. Of course, Maria Perepelkina from Dinamo Krasnodar scored also 23 points and she shared the second place with Polykova.

In the 13th round, Sakhalin had the largest number of the blocks – 22! And their players Yuliya Grigoryeva (6) and Darya Volodyko (6) are the top blockers of the round.

Because they played five sets, Sakhalin also had the best server of the round, Elena Vladislavovna Novik who only scored 5 aces in the whole round.

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Top scorers

Ekaterina Petrova (Leningradka) – 29 points

Ekaterina Polyakova (Leningradka) – 23 points

Maria Perepelkina (Dinamo Kr) – 23 points

Inna Fomina (Metar) – 21 points

Elena Litovchenko (Sakhalin) – 20 points

Nataliya Goncharova (Dinamo M) – 20 points

Ana Klimets (Uralochka) – 17 points

Angelina Sperskayte (Dinamo Kr) – 17 points

Yulia Kutykova (Leningradka) – 17 points

Elits aVasileva (Dinamo K) – 17 points


Top blockers

Yuliya Grigoryeva (Sakhalin) – 6 blocks

Darya Volodyko (Sakhalin) – 6 blocks

Tatiana Shukina (Metar) – 5 blocks

Valeriya Safonova (Sakhalin) – 4 blocks

Ekatarina Lubushkina (Dinamo M) – 4 blocks

Natalia Simonenko (Enisey) – 4 blocks


Top servers

Elena Novik (Sakhalin) – 5 aces


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