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ECJ W: Andrzej Pec – Team spirit is our strenght

by WoV
source: pzps.pl

Coach of the Junior Polish women's team Andrzej Pec shared his thoughts.


Poland – team

I hope we will advance further. The girls already have experience. With each tournament played they become more experienced. At the moment they are not novices, but they already know how to behave, what they can bring in this championship, how to balance power. I hope that this experience will pay off in Ankara.
Peć stresses that thejunior team has a very good atmosphere, both on and off the pitch: “The greatest asset of this team is the team spirit. Each of these girls worked hard. The weight of the game will be spread on to all the players.

They will play their first match against the Czech team. “If we want a good result in Ankara, we need to focus and win this game by three points. This is the game to win by 3 points, and we have to do so. I do not see a different scenario” he said.

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