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5 ways to be a better teammate

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Top coaches and accomplished players all agree that a big key to success on the volleyball court is establishing yourself as a positive influence on your teammates.

five ways to be a better teammate


Lindsey Berg

Three-time U.S. indoor Olympian as a setter, two-time silver medalist
How to be a better teammate seems like a simple question, but there are so many different ways to be a better teammate. What I have learned and practiced throughout my years in the game is communication. Being a better teammate means motivating, trusting, supporting, playing hard at all times. In order to do all of those things effectively, communication is needed. Get to know your teammates. Learn how to talk to them in a way that motivates them and makes them a better player. Be honest, sincere and genuine at all times. Honesty can hurt, but it is necessary to make the team better. With the right tone and sincerity, honest communication has the ability to win games. Learn how to communicate effectively to be a better teammate.

Brian Thornton
Setter, U.S. Men’s National Volleyball Team

You have to do things within yourself and your own personality. I think you have to be yourself. If you can be yourself and play your game, then ultimately people are going to gravitate toward you.


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