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Former NCAA player – „More young women choosing to play volleyball not because it’s ’girly’ but because it’s tough“

by WoV
source: espn.com, jackijing.com; Photo: jackijing.com

The ESPN’s article on volleyball currently being number.2 sport for the girls in the U.S.A. was mostly affirmative to the volleyball but there are some parts of it that former Division I NCAA Volleyball player Jacki Jing did not like...




Binghamton University graduate, who was inducted into their Athletic Hall of Fame in 2014, wrote a blog regarding some parts of the article „Why volleyball – not basketball – is winning the popular vote“ published on ESPN. And although it was mostly affirmative to the volleyball, some quotes imply that the reason why this sport is currently number.2 sport for the girls in the U.S.A. is that volleyball is not such a hard sport to master unlike basketball, for example. That was a statement of Mike Flynn, editor of the national recruiting newsletter Blue Star Report and a longtime authority on girls’ basketball.

„Basketball is an incredible sport, and without question, it requires an insane amount of talent and athletic ability to be successful at it. But the same goes for volleyball. What does Mike Flynn know about volleyball and the skills required to be successful? No, I really want to know. The article says he is an authority for girls’ basketball. Then why are you making such miserable commentary about volleyball? Mr. Flynn, do you have any idea how incredibly hard it is to master volleyball? Have you played before? Have you ever touched a ball before? Then why are you insulting us? Just like basketball, and frankly, most sports – it takes years to hone your skills. It requires long practices in the gym (or in the sand), multiple times a week. Approaching, hitting, serving, digging, passing, setting – it may not look hard – but do you understand, to play at a high level, a very specific form for each skill must be mastered. None of that is learned overnight. In fact, players will spend a lifetime trying to perfect each skill…“ a 30-year-old Jing, an Emmy-nominated TV journalist, currently working as the co-anchor for Good Morning New Orleans, wrote in her blog.

„It is not a ’girly’ sport. I was/am a nerdy tom boy – I could care less about germs and bows – or whatever nonsense this article was trying to insinuate. More young women are choosing to play volleyball because it is tough, competitive, fierce and fun. That’s it, Mr. Flynn. That’s it… ESPN, Volleyball is not girly. It is not any less athletic. It is just awesome, lol. That’s why it’s winning the ’popular vote’, Jing added.


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