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Stabilize your shoulder (VIDEO)

by WoV
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The injury or shoulder pain can be considered one of the most present symptoms in most sports as well in volleyball.

For many years the proprioceptive training has been identified only and exclusively for the lower limbs without ever put too much attention also to the upper limbs and in particular to the shoulder joint. The phase of rehabilitation or prevention of shoulder always includes a series of tutorials that provide improved proprioceptive abilities, especially after serious injury that can be dislocated shoulder, and exercises to improve the expression of strength, which in turn will generate greater stability.

Due to these two important characteristics are both very helpful to use a FluiBall ® that can range from 0.5kg to 3kg maximum for rehabilitation and upgrading of the joint. The continued instability generated by the fluid to the entire place of the ball and the weight of the implement will allow us then to process simple exercises that allow to proceed in parallel on both the physical strength and stabilization.

The weight of the overload must be such as not to cause imbalances that would in turn cause other problems as classic back pain or other more substantive issues and symptoms of inflammation cervical.

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