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CEV CUP M: D. Moscow – Resovia 3:2

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Dinamo Moscow of Cherednik exceeded Resovia in the first match of the finals of the CEV Cup.

Dinamo Moscow

Dinamo Moscow

In 1. set Resovia took the lead with the block on Veres (4:1) and the ace of Grozer (6:3). However, Pavlov turned the result: 6:7. Then Moscow took the lead with the blocks on Bojic and Lotman (8:11). The service of Grankin and Kalinin led to 11:16. Dinamo retained the advantage and Pavlov closed the set with 20:25.

In 2. set Dinamo made 2 break points thanks to Veres (4:7) and Pavlov 5:10. In Resovia, Lotman stayed on the court and Dobrowolski entered instead of Tichacek.  Kalinin with the ace reversed the situation (9:13).

Lotman evened the result (15:15) and Akhrem scored the ace, reversing the result (16:15). Two consecutive blocks on Pavlov led to 21:18 and 22:18. Then Nowakowski closed the set with 25:22.

In 3. set Dinamo was better at the start with 2 blocks and the counterattack of Pavlov (1:4). The ace of Veres (3:7) and the counterattack of Kalinin (4:9) increased the gap which remaied stable up to 7:12. Pavlov secured a new advantage of Dinamo with 16:21 and then closed the set with 20:25.

In 4. set Dinamo started well with the lead of 1:4 thanks to Pavlov and Veres. With the ace of Veres (3:7), one point of Kalinin and the ace of Lee, Dinamo got to 5:10. Resovia made a comeback thanks to Lotman and Grozer 8:10. Then it took the lead of 14:13. Grozer was excellent in attack and scored 20:18. Dinamo made 2 errors (22:19 and 24:21) and Grozer closed the set with 25:23.

In 5. set after the even result of 3:3, Resovia made the break with Bojic and Grozer 6:3. Then the error of Grozer (7:6) and the block of Pavlov lowered the difference (9:6). Resovia got the advantage of 12:8, but did not manage to secure it. Pavlov evened the result 13:13. Again thanks to him and Veres Dinamo won in tie-break with 13:15.

CEV Cup: Finals: Round (March 28)

Asseco Resovia Rzeszow – Dinamo Moscow 2:3 (20:25, 25:22, 20:25, 25:23, 13:15)
Asseco Resovia Rzeszow: Tichacek 0, Bojic 5, Grzyb 4, Grozer 27, Akhrem 16, Nowakowski 16, Ignaczak (L); Dobrowolski 1, Lotman 12, Kosok 0
Did not enter: Gontariu, Mika
Coach: Kowal

Dinamo Moscow: Grankin 8, Kalinin 11, Lee 9, N. Pavlov 24, Veres 19, Shcherbinin 7, Bragin (L); Markin 1, Kruglov 2, Bezrukov 0
Did not enter: Stepanyan (L), Kharitonov
Coach: Cherednik

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