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European Cups: Ryan Madsen Millar: “I miss Turkiye a lot.”

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Lokomotiv Novosibirsk’s middle blocker Ryan Madsen Millar said that he missed Turkiye a lot. American player had played in Istanbul Buyuksehir Belediyesi for 2 years and clinched the title in his first season.


Ryan Madsen Millar

I miss Turkiye a lot. I miss the time I live here, the city, my old teammates Ulas, Erhan and Fertelli. It’s nice to be here again. You know volleyball level in Russia is very high. Many good players and all the teams are strong, every match is very difficult. We have a good team as you saw today, even we fly so far away, we played good and team is in a good situation. Actually the city in Russia is about 2,5 million people, comparing Istanbul with Novosibirsk is very difficult. Life in Istanbul is very fantastic, weather is very nice, there are many good restaurants, shopping is better, these are less in Russia, because it is so cold there. Temperature is -28, so it’s very difficult to go outside, shopping, movies whatever. You almost freeze outside. Gyms are always very warm, so our game is not affected so much. Turkish supporters are very passionate, they always support their teams especially in big clubs. They have good spectators. It’s a little bit in Russia but not much. Our hall capacity is 1500 and we almost play in front of those crowd generally.” said the experienced player.

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