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SLO M: Dejan Vinčić Returns to OK Salonit Anhovo After 16 Years

by WoV

Dejan Vinčić, one of Slovenia’s most successful volleyball players, is making a significant return to OK Salonit Anhovo after 16 years. Known for his numerous accolades with both Slovenian and international clubs, Vinčić’s return is a major event for Slovenian volleyball. Now settled in Nova Gorica, where he organizes a popular annual volleyball camp, Vinčić is deeply connected to the Goriška and Primorska regions. His move back to Kanal (OK Salonit Anhovo) signals the club’s ambition to reclaim the top spot in the national championship.

Photo source: OK Salonit Anhovo – Kanal

Hinko Horjup, the club director, expressed pride in having Vinčić join their efforts, while Vinčić himself conveyed his enthusiasm for helping the club reach its rightful place at the top.

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