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31. 10. 2017

If ACH Volley Ljubljana had kept these players, they would have been a great team today!

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Let’s go back in season 2011/2012, to see the roster of the best Slovenian team in the 21st century!


By browsing our profiles’ database, we run into a very interesting squad of ACH Volley Ljubljana. Five seasons ago, they had these players in the roster: Dejan Vincic (Slovenia), Klemen Cebulj (Slovenia), Uros Kovacevic (Serbia), Kay Van Dijk (The Netherlands), Alen Sket (Slovenia), Milan Rasic (Serbia), Adam Simac (Canada), Alan Komel (Slovenia), Daniel Lewis (Canada), Ales Fabjan (Slovenia), Andrej Flajs (Slovenia), Jan Klobucar (Slovenia), Gregor Ropret (Slovenia), Matevz Kamnik (Slovenia), Tomislav Smuc (Slovenia), Matej Vidic (Slovenia).

Imagine these two players at the position of outside hitters – Cebulj and Kovacevic! The Slovenian player is playing for Milano (loan) while the Serbian international is a member of Trentino. Dejan Vincic is playing for Plusliga’s side Cerrad Czarni Radom, while in the last season he was a member of Halkbank…Recall that ACH Volley Ljubljana have won 13 consecutive titles in Slovenia, starting from 2005!

The head coach of the team was Igor Kolakovic. You can see the rosters for many seasons of the Slovenian team and their coaching staff, as well as the current season.

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