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TOP 10 most viewed videos on WorldofVolley in 2016!

by WoV

WorldofVolley is presenting you the Top 10 list of the videos that had the highest number of views in 2016!



Here is the list of the articles:

INSANE warm up spike by Iliya Vlasov, ball touches the roof (VIDEO) – 21626 views

RIO 2016 M: Kubiak’s provocation and another big brawl between Poland and Iran (VIDEO) -20782

BRA M: William and Simon invented new 1st tempo attack that totally confuses blockers (VIDEO) – 18929

NGAPETH BREAKS THE LIMITS – Frenchman performs his trick in the best possible way (VIDEO) – 17807

JAPAN VS. THAILAND: Did referee make mistake when he decided not to call this? (VIDEO) – 16249

FIN M: Japanese libero makes amazing set in Finnish league (VIDEO) – 14137

Is this the sexiest volleyball player at the moment? Hello, Winifer Fernández! (VIDEO) – 13951

French players move sportsmanship to another level! (VIDEO) – 12123

WOOW! Look at this jump of Viktor Poletaev (VIDEO) – 11134

TRAINING FOR MIDDLES: Block transition to quick attack (VIDEO) – 10593


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