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A New Era for European Volleyball: Election Fever Heats Up

by WoV

As the European Volleyball Confederation (CEV) gears up for its presidential elections, the volleyball community is abuzz with anticipation. Three candidates are vying for the top spot: Renato Arena, the CEV Senior Vice-President from Italy with a wealth of experience within the organization; Leszek Leo Wencel, the Polish nominee backed by his home federation; and Roko Sikiric, the choice of the Croatian Volleyball Federation.

Projekt Warszawa; CEV Challenge Cup 2024 Winners – Photo: CEV

In a candid interview with Polish media outlet Interia, Piotr Gacek, vice president of Projekt Warszawa and a prominent figure in Polish volleyball, sheds light on the financial challenges facing clubs participating in European competitions. With a prize of just 50,000 euros for winning the European Volleyball Cup, clubs find themselves grappling with costs that far exceed the rewards, highlighting a broader issue within the sport’s European governance. He criticized the current system, where clubs struggle with inadequate funding and excessive fees, expressing hope for change post-election.

Gacek’s comments underline a broader discontent with the CEV and FIVB’s treatment of Polish volleyball, despite Poland’s significant contributions to the sport, including hosting premier events and technological advancements. With the elections on the horizon, there’s a palpable hope that a new leadership might bring about a much-needed shift in priorities, fostering greater dialogue and support for the volleyball community.

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