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24. 09. 2017

Guidetti excluded from the game vs. Russia after not accepting referee’s controversial call (VIDEO)


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Giovanni Guidetti became the first head coach to be excluded from a game in the 2017 Women’s Volleyball European Championship.


A post shared by Voleyvideo (@voleyvideo) onSep 23, 2017 at 2:04pm PDT


A fiery-tempered Italian expert, who is at the helm of the Turkish National Team, could not withstand a bad call of the Slovakian referee Juraj Mokrý in Pool C encounter against Russia (1-3), in Baku.

In the middle of the second set, Neriman Özsoy made a kill after which the ball clearly touched the floor before hitting the leg of Russia’s libero Ekaterina Tretyakova. The players of Turkey stopped playing, expecting to get a point. But, the umpire from Slovakia let the rally to continue and „Zbornaya“ scored a point! Since there is no possibility of a video check on the situations like these, the referee’s call remained in effect.

Guidetti protested, shouted, and simply could not accept this call. The Slovakian referee firstly showed him a yellow card, then a red card, and the Italian coach had to leave the bench, applauding ironically to Mr. Mokrý.


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2 Comments about "Guidetti excluded from the game vs. Russia after not accepting referee’s controversial call (VIDEO)"

25.09.2017 | 22:38 |   John Doek [unregistered]

I remember a lot of similar touch floor calls during this men volleyball international season.. But no coach made a fuss from it, since everybody knows it can not be challenged..
Probably G. Guidetti is under a stress from a public accusation of his former Dutch player, and this was only a vent... On other hand there are too many errors due to of a poor recognizability, contrast of this FIVB ball - see line touches... Who cares?

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26.09.2017 | 07:02 |   John Doek [unregistered]

Mr. G. Guidetti is a member of FIVB Technical and Coaching Commission, so that he can officially initiate to incorporate into a Video challenge systems also floor touches.. Moreover to deal with an issue of double contacts ..
He can also ask to open the contract with an official FIVB ball producer and require to change it for a normally visible one or to cancel it... He can do it via the Commission, and asks for a support Italian and Turkish NVFs...

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