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21. 11. 2017

These players led RC Cannes to two CEV Champions League trophies!

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RC Cannes conquered the CEV Champions League two seasons in a row, 2001/2002 and 2002/2003!


Under the leadership of the Chinese coach Yan Fang, RC Cannes have achieved a great success, winning the CEV Champions League for the first time in history.

These players represented the French team on their road to glory in the season 2001/2002, beating Bergamo in the final 3-1:

Laure Koenig (France), Katrina Buckova (Czech Republic), Lauranne Meslier de Rocan (France), Ju Lan Mao (China), Hong Shen (China), Rikka Lehtonen (Finland), Rina Toniutti (France), Laetitia Tchoualack (France), Alexandra Fomina (Ukraine) Armelle Faesch (France), Victoria Ravva (France), Karine Salinas (France).

A year later, the team of Yang Fang got the opportunity to retain the trophy and they managed to it by defeating the Russain side Uralochka 3-1!

You are probably wondering how did they manage to win the title again? We know the secret to success – Yang Fang kept all the players together for two seasons, making only a small changes in the roster.

Let’s see who led the team to the second CEV Champions League gold medal:

Laura Koenig (France), Andrea Sieglova (Czech Republic), Katrina Buckova (Czech Republic), Erna Brinkman (The Netherlands), Ju-Lan Mao (China), Rikka Lehtonen (Finland), Olessya Kulakova (Germany), Yuehong Zhang (China), Alexandra Fomina (Ukraine), Karine Salinas (France), Victoria Ravva (France)


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1 Comments about "These players led RC Cannes to two CEV Champions League trophies!"

22.11.2017 | 00:21 |   Jo [unregistered]

Tatiana Menchova did not won The champions league with RC Cannes in 2001/2002. She only join the team for the french league play-off as medical joker.

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