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5 Key Differences Between Soccer & Volleyball

by WoV

Let’s take a look at how soccer and volleyball differ from each other.

How is Soccer Different from Volleyball?

Sports like soccer and volleyball could be played outdoors or indoors with mixed-gender teams. Volleyball and soccer are different in physical needs, rules, and playing basics, thus knowledge and talents from one sport may not translate effectively to the other. 

You can pick the game you want to take part in, and even research the soccer odds if that is the game for you, but whichever one you choose , make it the one that better matches your skill set by knowing the distinctions between them.

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Soccer, one of the most popular sports in the world, moves quite quickly. So, if you run slowly, it can be difficult for you to keep up with the other players’ pace. At some point, you’ll fail! Making improvements in this situation will be challenging. However, since you’ll need to move quickly to warm up your body, this strategy can work if you’re trying to stay warm. Volleyball is a game that requires some patience, so keep that in mind when making your choice. You may discover that you need to run less in this if you’re a football player who is new to volleyball.

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Feet or Hands

In terms of how they are played, soccer and volleyball are essentially dissimilar sports. In volleyball, the ball is moved about the court by using the arms and hands of the players. The initial hit of the match, either an underhand or overhand serve, places the ball into the air. The next three hits, the set, bump, and spike, all involve hitting the ball above. The service, which can be either underhand or overhand places them into play. 

Except for the goaltender, who might use his hands to catch or stop the ball to guard the goal, hands are not used throughout a soccer match. Soccer players trap, pass, and shoot the ball with their inside and top feet. Although they are less frequently employed, the knees, chest, and head could be used to trap, pass, and shoot.

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Movements While Playing Both Games

Soccer and volleyball have different ways of moving around the playing surface. The majority of soccer positions necessitate significant running throughout the game. To advance the ball toward the goal of the opposing team or immediately run to their side of the field to guard the goal, players typically cover a sizable field area. Although usually motionless, the goaltender could have to sprint a short distance to reach an approaching shot. Volleyball players often move over a small space and hardly ever run. 

A volleyball court is comparatively smaller than a soccer ground, and each player is in charge of a certain area of the court. In soccer, one player can control the ball and dribble it around the field, whereas in volleyball, every player only has a single stroke at the ball at once, and the ball is sent back and forth through a sequence of transfers from one player to another.


Football is a longer game in terms of hours spent playing. The fun will be greater because it will be played for an extended period. Football matches typically last 60 minutes. After playing for thirty minutes, there is a mid-break. However, we are unable to discuss how long volleyball lasts. It will keep on until one side wins.

It could take five minutes or five hours! 


There are differences between the two sports in terms of the number of players on each side as well as the positions they play. Three players from the front and three from the back are allowed on the court at once for each volleyball team during a match. Every time they regain possession of the ball, players switch positions, forcing everyone to play in every position. As a result, no player has a specific position. There will be opportunities for each player to serve, return and pass the ball to the other end of the court. As per FIFA rules, every soccer team can have no less than 7 but not more than 11 players on the ground at once, including the goalkeeper.


I hope that this blog helped you to understand the key differences between soccer and volleyball games.

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