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WoV BLOG: How many national team players does Italian men's Serie A1 have?

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WorldofVolley is presenting all players from the Italian volleyball men's Serie A1 that play for their national teams.


After analyzing all the team from Serie A1, we came to a total number of 74vplayers that have a status of the national team player, which makes this league one of the best in the world.

We have put on the list all the players that played for their national team selections in 2017!

Of course, these are players that play only for their senior national teams - there are several players that play for their junior squads, but we didn't include them in the list. 

Sir Safety Perugia have 11 players with the international duty which makes them the team with the most number of national team players.


Christenson (USA), Sokolov (Bulgaria), Candellaro (Italy), Stankovic (Serbia), Grebennikov (France), Zhukouski (Croatia), Sander (USA)


De Cecco (Argentina), Atanasijevic (Serbia), Zaytsev (Italy), A. Russell (USA), Podrascanin (Serbia), Colaci (Italy), Shaw (USA), Andric (Croatia), Berger (Austria), Ricci (Italy), Siirilä (Finland)


Giannelli (Italy), Vettori (Italy), Lanza (Italy), U. Kovacevic (Serbia), Eder Carbonera (Brazil), Teppan (Estonia), N. Hoag (Canada), Kozamernik (Slovenia)


Bruno Rezende (Brazil),  Sabbi (Italy), E. Ngapeth (France), Urnaut (Slovenia), D. Mazzone (Italy), Holt (USA), Rossini (Italy)


Djuric (Greece), Maar (Canada), Jaeschke (USA), Pajenk (Slovenia), Pesaresi (Italy), Stern (Slovenia), Manavinezhad (Iran)


Clevenot (France), Yosifov (Bulgaria), Kody (Senegal), Hershko (Israel)


K. Shoji (USA), Hirsch (Germany), Langlois (USA), Buti (Italy), Walsh (Canada), Finger (Czech Republic)


Patch (USA), Lecat (Belgium), Antonov (Italy), Verhees (Belgium)


Marechal (France), Poglajen (Argentina), Buchegger (Austria), T. Mazzone (Italy)


Ishikawa (Japan), Le Goff (France), E. Shoji (USA), Huang Pei-Hung (Chinese Taipei), Kovac (Slovenia)


Randazzo (Italy)


Seganov (Bulgaria), Nielsen Breuning (Denmark)


Abdel Aziz (The Netherlands), Klinkenberg (Belgium), Cebulj (Slovenia), Averill (USA), Piano (Italy), Schott (Germany), Perez (Puerto Rico) - 7

BCC Castellana Grotte

Tzioumakas (Greece)


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3 Comments about "WoV BLOG: How many national team players does Italian men's Serie A1 have?"

06.12.2017 | 20:47 |   51vb [unregistered]

Nelli on Padova has played on the Italian NT

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07.12.2017 | 11:08 |   dee jae69 [unregistered]

you forgot balaso the libero of PADOVA he played for ITALIAN NATIONAL TEAM who won silver in grand champions cup

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06.02.2018 | 15:51 |   suisse [unregistered]

OSMANY JUANTORENA Lube. Probabaly need to have this guy. :)

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Older video, records and analyses, editing, research by Mark Lebedew are very interesting. I take his work as priceless.. No one else do such a work...He provides us with many volleyball jewels, observations.. In past we often could not see many top tournaments, or matches on TV ….There was no Internet, no YT. Only very limited TV ... We often did not know the background, problems on some tournaments - see e.g. what happened during Italy vs Netherlands OG 1992, on M.L. YT channel, and how it had influenced a final with Brazil..
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