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Simon – “My goal is to get out and win everything”

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Robertlandy Simon spent the gap between the end of last season and the start of preparations for the next in Cuba. Now he is back to Piacenza.

Roberlandy Simón Aties

Roberlandy Simón Aties

You came back to the team that has changed slightly: Vettori will be the primary opposite, Fei will play in the middle, but the rest remain unchanged. What is the goal of the team?

“My goal is to win it all. Lube has built a fantastic team, other clubs are also be strengthened, but we will be strong, too and our duty is always to go out to get a positive result. In all competitions,” said Simon.

For the first time you will play in the Champions League. How far can Copra go in European competition?

“We will only play volleyball as best we can. Later, our duty will be at least to try to win all matches in a season. If you come out of the tunnel thinking that you will lose, you will never win anything.”

Now, looking back, do you remember the fifth game of the Scudetto and the number of unused balls?

“At the end of this season I was focused on that tie-break. But then I went to Cuba, I met up with my family who helped me to forget about it and “recharge the batteries” for the next season. I saw my daughter, my mother, and I haven’t talked with them about the volleyball.”

Recently, more and more appears the theme of the return to the Cuban national team of those players who play abroad. Did you talk about it with your friends?

“No, not at all. Often I contact Juantorena, but the main theme of our conversations were our children. Nobody contacted me on this issue.”

And what is your position on the subject of the return to the national team? You could play for other country?

“Absolutely not. I’ve always said that I am available to coach and I’m ready to re-wear the shirt in the colors of my country and play for Cuba, for my country with great enthusiasm My position on this issue has always been clear.”

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