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Costagrande for WoV: “When Marco didn’t call me…”

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source: photo: fivb.org

Although she was not the first choice of coach Bonitta, Carolina Costagrande has shown that she is one of the most important parts of the Italian team at this World Championship.

Carolina Costagrande and Eleonora Lo Bianco

Carol and Lo

“We had a dream, we wanted to move on and win. And we are in the semifinal!” said Costagrande for WoV.

What do you expect from a game against China?

It will be hard. They won last match after a big battle and now they have confidence. But must not think about last games against each other. We need to start from the beginning and do our best. I think we can make it.”

You played in Evergrande from China for two seasons and you know Lang Ping

Yes, she is amazing and very good person. She is a good coach and for sure she knows how to motivate and prepare the team for this match.”

Now you are in the semifinal of the World Championship but you weren’t the first choice of coach Bonitta, as he chose Tai Aguero. How did you feel in that moment?

Now, I feel good. I don’t care about the past. When Marco didn’t call me, I kept that inside me, but I continued to dream, hoping that he will call me and it’s happened. So, I’m so thankful.”

In upcoming season Vakifbank will have lot of pressure as usual. You changed a lot of players, what do you expect?

Vakifbank is a competitive club and we want to win everything. This is our goal. They want us to win and we have to respond, so I hope that we will have a great season like last year.“


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