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TWITTER INTERVIEW: Erik Shoji about life in Russia, Alekno, Poland, Pokemons, teammates from USA…

by WoV

U.S. national team libero Erik Shoji was our Twitter Interview guest. He received so many questions, we couldn’t take them all. We singled out probably a half of them.

Erik Shoji

Erik Shoji

All answers you can find by typing #WoVChat on Twitter. Erik Shoji gave some very interesting answers. So let’s start:

What food do you miss the most in Russia? Where can I mail you some Ramen?

The food I miss the most is Pad Thai! I love Thai food!”

Name your volleyball dream team?

I just love playing with my teammates from U.S. national team! We are a family and I think that shows when we play matches.”

What is the scariest thing in living in Russia?

“Definitely the driving! I have never driven in so much snow and ice! I’m from Hawaii, help!”

Name one libero that you idolize.

I look up to Erik Sullivan and Rich Lambourne. The 2 U.S. liberos before me! Watching them has taught me a lot!”

Whose serve is hardest to dig?

It’s a tough question. Definitely one of the hardest in the world is Maxim Mikhailov serve.”

Are you ok now after that head shot from Matt Anderson last week?

“Hahahaha yes I am OK! It wasn’t too hard I just wanted to make Matt look good.”

The best moment of your volleyball career.

“Winning the bronze medal in Rio! The Olympics were a roller coaster ride but we ended with a dramatic 5 set win in the end!”

What’s the hardest drill you’ve done in your life?

Definitely a drill with my college coach! I had to run and dive more than I ever! Definitely got some bruises.”

Have you ever been in Thailand?

No but I really want to! The food would be incredible and I want to ride an elephant!”

Do you still play Pokemon Go?

Hahaha only sometimes. But not too often in Russia!”

If you weren’t playing volleyball, what do you think you would be doing in life right now?

I would probably be in school to become a doctor. I am a science nerd and love learning new things about the body!”



One place you haven’t got to travel to yet but really want to go there?

Either Thailand or Norway. Thailand for the food and Norway for the amazing scenery! Plus I am 50% Norwegian.”

If you could relive one moment of your life what would it be and why?

Olympic Opening Ceremonies. Hopefully I’ll get another one in Tokyo!”

Losing a game it’s always very hard. But losing a bit of our confidence after this, it’s frustrating. How to reset?

Always try to learn from the match. Learn from the good and bad and train harder for the next game!”

Would you like to play in Plusliga one day? Polish fans would love it.

Yes I love the Polish fans and volleyball. Two seasons ago I played against Resovia and it was a very fun match!”

Who’s the best Libero? Besides yourself!

“I enjoy playing against and watching Zatorski, Grebennikov and Gonzales from Argentina. All great players!”

What do you think about your coach Konstantinov in Novosibirsk?

He is a very nice guy. He has a lot of personality and has good relationship with the players. Good coach!”

Who is the worst teammate to travel with?

I think I am. I always am asking Taylor Sander to do things for me! But he still loves me hahah…”

Do you ever feel disappointed in yourself? Do you have any suggestions on how to deal with this feeling?

Of course. I try to learn from difficult situations. Watch and learn and see what you can do better. Then practice!”

What is your opinion about people in Russia? There are a lot stereotypes about them but you seem to be adapting well to Russia.

I like Novosibirsk. The people I know are very friendly and help me a lot. Mostly with the language because I can’t read it.”

What has been your most embarrassing moment on the court?

Anytime I run into someone I always fall down because I am smaller. I play with giants on every team!”

The most unforgettable match?

Against Brazil in Rio for the Olympics! The best match I have ever been a part of!”

What’s best national team you’ve ever played against?

So many good teams now! But Brazil is number 1 and always a favorite to win any tournament.”

What do you think about Brazil and Brazilian people?

I love Brazil. I love the beaches and the passionate and loud volleyball fans!

Do you want to play for coach Vladimir Alekno someday?

Maybe. He is definitely a legendary coach!”

Did you watch women’s volleyball? If yes, which selection draws more attention?

In USA women’s volleyball is more popular, men’s is growing!”

You and team are coming to Belgrade next year. What do you think of Serbia’s NT?

They are very strong and won World League last year. They will be a very tough opponent.”


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