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KOR W: Kim waits for July 25 to come

by WoV
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At a press conference Kim Yeon-Koung primarily spoke up as a citizen of Korea, thanking for all given support, but also as a volleyball player, who doesn't mean to give up on her rights.

Kim Yeon Koung

Kim Yeon Koung


Kim Yeon-Koung drops all the accusations, where HK claims that Kim had been begging the politicians to change the rules for her. She assured that she had never asked for any rule to be changed, neither had she asked for any special favor or exception. Also, Kim emphasized that she had never violated any rule so far as it is not a violation to avoid resigning with a former club.

In case of ‘arbitrarily withdrawn’, as we already know, it happened to her twice. She had been questioning KVA about this and also how HK could have registered her as a player of Pink Spider without her signature or any document.

Kim Yeon-Koung demanded at the press conference for particular requests to be fullfilled:

I request followings to HK, KOVO and KVA.
1. As HK insisted in the last year, request to FIVB after having canceled the agreement
2. KOVO, please answer to the official request and claim that I sent on 10th July 2013.
3. KVA, please answer to the official request that I sent on 5th July 2013.
4. KVA, ask to FIVB, about the article 8. of the document 
5. Since the arbitration by KVA was unfair, until the decision is made by CAS or domestic law, issue an ITC.

I demand answers about the above 5 questions until July 25. I will not play anymore as a player of KOVO, if KOVO deoes not give me the answer until July 25. I will be retired from national team, if KVA does not give me the answer until the mentioned date.

Lastly, I promise to all of you. I, Kim Yeon-koung, will establish a sports foundation for youth, before finishing my career to contribute the progress of Volleyball. And will use all my efforts to share my experience and ability with others. Thank you very much.“ said Kim.

For more information related to Kim’s situation, check News on Kim’s WoV Community Profile.

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