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WCHY W: China won gold

by WoV
source: fivb org: Photo: fivb.org

The gold medal at the Girls' U 18 World Championship goes to China, to be the fifth medal in their history and the fourth gold to extend their world record, with one more title than Brazil (3). They beat USA in straight sets (25-16, 25-21, 25-23) in a 68 minutes final at Chatchi Hall in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand on Sunday.

China's center Yuan Xinyue

China’s center Yuan Xinyue


China made a surprise pressure from the start of the match to put a regular pressure upon the Americans who couldn’t get back to the match.

Xinyue Yuan scored 16 points as her team best scorer followed by Yunlu Wang who scored 14. From USA side, Mikaela Foecke and Mikaela Foecke scored 9 team scorers.

China put a warning message from the start of the match through their quick attacks using the centers Xinyue Yuan and Hu Mingyuan who blocked well and sent their attacks away from the approach of USA blockers to win the first set in a wide point deficit 25-16.

Chinese players started the second set concentrating, while the US team showed disturbance in their defence and couldn’t apply their attacking strategy, so China had the lead, but USA came over when the setter Jordyn Poulter did some good job in setting for her teammates, but finally again China coach fielded the substitutes center Yuanyuan Wang to finish the set 25-21.

USA players committed a lot of mistakes in reception and attacks although their spikers start to act, but again the Chinese were serving very well to maintain the pressure and the lead throughout the set till 20-15. USA tried to save the match, but with a quick attack from Xinyue Yuan from position 3 the job ended and China claimed the gold medal.

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